Bombay | Shanghai | Chicago

My practice explores the idea of curating spaces, engaging the senses and playing with perception by challenging material possibilities. My work is driven by the idea of articulating surface and designing ornamentation to create ephemeral affects that have experiential qualities.


The aesthetic and sensual capacities of ornamentation reveal something about a space that goes beyond the merely visual, shaping experience by creating an architectural affect in a manner that reaches beyond the relatively limited operations of icon and symbol. Ornamentation functions as a system in my design: a means of relating form, structure, screen and surface.


Ornamentation holds the possibility of becoming an active part of a designed environment and curates circulation and movement within spaces. It is a way of sensing and communicating with a space as it serves as a mechanism to connect to culture.


My cultural experiences and background are sources of inspiration for the ornamental motifs seen in my design. I believe learning the history and traditions of material allow me to re-imagine how ornament and surface design can shape environments and develop a practice that always finds new possibilities in the complex dynamics of site, culture, and program.


bLUMEN Pavilion

Chicago, IL

August 2016

Built bLUMEN, a site-specific sculptural pavilion combining art, architecture, and technology to create a flourishing plant-growth environment in collaboration with SAIC, MAS Studio, Luftwerk and the Homan Square community.

Dariel Studio | Interior Design Intern

Shanghai, China

May - June 2016

Created furniture and spatial arrangements for a French clothing store, Cache Cache in China. Produced CAD drawings for the furniture and communicated with manufacturers regarding fabrication. Designed a range of patterns and graphics complimenting the brand aesthetic.

Talati and Panthaky Associated | Interior Design intern

Mumbai, India

December 2015

Developed floor plan layouts for dormitories of a rural military school in Shirpur, India. Sourced and budgeted furniture for the project based on required design specifications.


Proficient in Autocad, Rhino, Adobe Creative Suite and MS Office.

Experience with model making, slip casting, mold making, woodworking, laser cutting and 3D printing.

Conversant in Hindi and Mandarin.

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