In collaboration with Beril Cuhadaroglu

Fall 2016

This project strives to create a wall of scents: scents of teas as this wall is envisioned at the entrance of a teashop. The idea of using tea started with an exploration of the cultural significance of tea and the social aspects and traditions of drinking tea. The ceremonious, gestural and ritualistic ideas of drinking tea in India and Turkey which brings people together is what drives this project to create a space which one has to experience more physically. Abstracting the form of a traditional brick and creating a module that acts as a hybrid of a tile and vessel gives rise to this wall installation. Each module and the pattern it creates when put together acts in an ornamental way whilst shaping a larger architectural experience for the user. The function of these tiles is to contain the tea leaves which draws the viewer closer as each module has it’s own depth, a space for the tea leaves to emit scent and have a hint of color. The modules are designed to allow the user to transition through the space whilst playing with their perception and expectation.